Q.  How soon can you begin construction?
A.  Once the financing is complete, and the plans have been approved by the city/county, usually within 3 months.

Q.  How long does it take to build a home?
A.  It varies depending on the home size, but typically it takes 5-8 months.

Q.  What are the extra expenses that are not included in the price?
A.  Grading, and because each area has different fees, we do not include building permits, school fees, traffic impact or park fees.  Other expenses depending on the lot location may be water meter, gas, and electric.

Q.  How much of a deposit do you require?
A.  We require a $5000 deposit.  This will secure your position as well as lock in your price at the contract signing.

Q.  In your model what are the standard features and which are the upgraded ones?
A.  We try to keep things simple by only having five upgrades in our model.  Everything other than these five is standard. The upgrades are: cherry wood cabinets vs. oak cabinets, stainless steel appliances vs. white or black appliances, smooth wall vs. a textured wall, granite countertops vs. tile, and stuccoed eves.

Q.  Can I make changes to your plans?
A.  Absolutely, most changes can be made without a problem.  Depending on the extent of the change it may affect the cost.

Q.  Will you build a house from my plans?
A.  Of course, if you drop them off at the model we will look them over and give you a bid with our best price to build your particular home.

Q.  Can I design a home from the ground up?
A.  We have worked with several architects in the past and if none of our plans suit you we would be more than happy to work with you and an architect to design the home of your dreams.

Q.  Where are the prices for your homes?
A.  Because of the nature of the housing market prices often fluctuate.  Please contact our office for the most current prices.

Q.  Do you have a housing tract?
A.  No, we only construct custom and semi-custom homes.  Each home is unique and is built to order on the customer's own lot. 

Q.  How are your homes energy efficient?
A.  We use R-19 fiberglass insulation in the walls and R-38 in the ceiling, radiant barrier roof sheeting, Milgard dual pane vinyl windows with low-E glass, 13 seer air conditioning units, fluorescent lighting, motion sensor switches in selected areas, 50-gallon energy efficient water heaters all standard.  We offer additional energy savers including tankless water heaters, 90+ heating and 14 seer air conditioning units.

Q.  Why are all your homes single-level?
A.  With the lot sizes available in the area, a multi-level home is usually not necessary.  We do have multi-level plans available that we can build at the owners request.

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